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Integration Services

  • Integration Services

Optimus IT Infra Ltd. provides Integration and Interface Services in Healthcare industry.

Optimus IT has built numerous complex and largest numbers of downstream departmental bi-directional interface connections in the UK for the NHS Trust.

Optimus helps you manage you’re clinical systems and their flaws as a Managed Service provider which will disengage the valuable Clinical patient care time to be vested into patient care rather than handling any IT related issues. It provides a lot of advantages like:

  • Monitoring & Support of existing systems
  • Building new HL7 interfaces to your clinical systems
  • Enhancing functionality’s for better patient care
  • Building bespoke applications to help clinicians with their daily jobs
  • Build systems with functionality outside the remit of existing Clinical systems
  • Some key stats about the Integration solution that is built and maintained by Optimus IT:

  • More than 2 Million HL7 messages processing on a daily basis
  • 150+ Message Transformations handled
  • 2000+ field translations handled
  • 200+ projects process HL7 feeds from numerous sources
  • 100+ Outbounds routing HL7 message to 40+ clinical systems
  • Message processing rate 200ms per message

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