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HL7 Interfaces

HL7 Interfaces

Optimus IT specialises in healthcare domain especially with in NHS,  our team has experience of over 15 years in developing and deploying healthcare interfaces using various versions of HL7 message formats including HL7 v2.x (v2.1, v2.2, v2.3, v2.4 and v2.5), FHIR and non-HL7 messages like JMS, File based, DB and web services.

Over the years implementation experience of numerous HL7 interfaces within various integration engines, including JCAPS (v5 and v6), Oracle SOA Suite (11g and 12c), Ensemble, eGate and Mirth has been our major strengths.

Below is an example of our accomplishment at one of our major healthcare clients:

Optimus IT provides Integration development services including development support for production interfaces.

Our team has been involved in all aspects of implementation and developed or updated all of their interfaces including processing over 2,000,000 messages daily over 100 interfaces across 35 departmental downstream systems transmitting over 200 messages types and 58 document types sent in over 9 file formats each.

The development includes building over 2000 transformations of messages in JCAPS, e-Gate and SOA Suite integration engines with a spread of 30% on Simple interfaces, 40% on Medium interfaces and 30% on Complex interfaces.


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